Hand-crafted pews and pulpits for churches

Over time, the pews in a church will eventually become either damaged or worn. Auswood Joinery provide beautifully crafted, bespoke pews and pulpits. Whatever your needs are, our joiners will be happy to meet them with minimal disruption and in the fastest possible time. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke timber furniture for ecclesiastical spaces in Ireland and across the UK. 

What can our specialist joiners do?

  • Carve or engrave individual church signatures into pews etc.
  • Create pews to accommodate a wider wedding altar
  • Manufacture curved staircases according to the space
  • Replace the worn pews with flexible seating designs
  • Restore existing seating

Why get bespoke pews?

Every property is unique in its own way, in terms of the dimensions and the aesthetics. Instead of purchasing standard sized seating for your church, you can hire our joiners who will welcome your creative input and design furniture that not only meets your needs but also reflects your church’s style, be it traditional or modern. See some of our work for ecclesiastical spaces in the UK.

We also manufacture church pulpits and traditional staircases for clients in Antrim, Cookstown and across the nation.

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